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TOTWOO couple bracelets

TOTWOO couple bracelets

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[Stay Connected to Your Loved Ones]

Distance is no barrier to staying connected with the totwoo Bracelet. With just a tap, your bracelet and your loved one's will vibrate and flash, bridging the gap and letting them know you're thinking of them. Feel the touch of your partner through the synchronized vibrations, making it an ideal gift for couples, families, and close friends.

[All Functions Built for Love] Secret messages: Through totwoo App, you can send secret messages and love letters to surprise your beloved. Once your partner touches their bracelet, the messages will be revealed on their phone. Anniversary Reminder: Your bracelet will automatically remind you of important dates. Never miss another birthday or anniversary again. Call Reminder: Add 3 important contacts in the app, and your bracelet will vibrate and flash to notify you when receiving a call.
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